Success Stories!

What our customers have to say!

" I adopted Greta from you in July last year. She was recovering from an injury at south LA shelter and Andrea Braver and Deb Vigna were lobbying for her, sent me a few photos and I was hooked. She is hilarious and I can’t imagine life without her."

− Greta: From Gimpy Gal to Gangbuster!

"Parsley is now named Charlie. She has recovered 100% from her two front broken legs. She loves her new home with her two sisters Zoe and Nacho. Thanks so much to everyone who helped her along the way."

− Parsley’s Paws Are Perfect!

"BB, formerly known as “Ophelia” used to have an extreme fear of men. But after going into a loving home with a family who would not give up on her and working with a wonderful trainer, Dave Dreyfus, BB now adores her dad and is downright flirty! "

− BB Loves Being Held By These Guns!

"One of our favorite dogs, Sinatra, now known as “Soulja” and his parents Zelenne and Mark recently partnered with several organizations including the National Museum of Animals and Society to offer free dog food, toys, vaccinations and grooming for pets of homeless people in LA’s Skid Row. "

− The LA Times Sings Soulja’s Praises

"We’ve had Woody now for about 3 months and just love this little guy so much. We really lucked out with him. He can’t get enough of chasing tennis balls, he is always on the lookout for squirrels, and he is just full of love. "

− Welcoming Woody Wins Hearts!